Indoor grow equipment, grow accessories, and how to use them to increase production, and crop quality.

August 20, 2022

The Promise Of Vertical Farming & LED Grow Lights For Cannabis — The Marijuana Industry Is “Growing Up”

Vertical farming is a new technique that promises to help cannabis cultivators sustainably scale their grow operations. However, there are pros & cons farmers need to consider before "going vertical." In addition, one should know the reasons why LED grow lights bring economic returns in this farming solution.
August 20, 2022

HPS To LED Conversions — Things To Keep In Mind For The Retrofit

It may seem like a nuisance to replace HID grow lights with LEDs, but these new diodes offer many attractive features. Growers that invest in an HID to LED conversion are always happy with their bigger buds and better bottom lines.
August 19, 2022

How To Choose The Best LED Grow Light For Weed Greenhouses

Greenhouses have a “bright” perk over enclosed grow spaces: the sun! No matter how sophisticated light technology gets, it will never fully replicate the power of natural sunlight. Before adding grow lights to a greenhouse, you must know what to look for in an LED.
August 19, 2022

Does Ultraviolet and Infrared Light Matter When Growing Cannabis?

How can UV and IR be used to bring benefits to my plants' growth? What is the role of UV and IR in cannabis growth? What are the principles? Let's learn together in this blog.

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