SP Series

Designed for Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

SP Series LED grow lights are the best greenhouse grow lights. With many chips organized on a single LED bar and fitted with the optimized thermal design, it provides premium light penetration and a high ratio of red light while remaining as cool as the ambient. Equipped with a dimmable feature, the SP Series helps to match the dynamic DLI of indoor plants.


SP3000 is the best option to serve as greenhouse supplemental lighting source because of its superior efficiency and slim appearance. It delivers 727.2μmol/S while occupying only 1.5 square feet of space.
Draw Power 300W Coverage 2'x4'
Light Output PPF 727.2μmol/S Efficacy 2.8μmol/j
Chips 976pcs BridgeLux Spectrum 650-665nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K
Size 1087*101*101.3MM 4.488KG Certification ETL,CE,UKCA,RoHS
AC VOLTAGE 120V 240V 277V
AC Current 2.481A 1.243A 1.090A
AC Power 302.3W 292.4W 291.5W
Power Factor 0.9936 0.9822 0.9629
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  • SP 3000

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