FC Series LED Grow Lights

Samsung LM301H EVO Chip | Uniform PPFD | Dimming Daisy Chain
FC Series

Lighting solutions for commercial growing

FC LEDs harness the formidable power of Samsung LM301H EVO chips, each diode boasting an impressive 3.14 μmol/j rating. This advancement elevates the overall light's PPE to an astounding 2.9 μmol/j! Furthermore, the FC is equipped with an intelligent system offering a plethora of features. From remote control and wireless dimming to automated programming and tailored growth plans, it empowers growers to optimize cultivation productivity and achieve a bountiful harvest of superior crop quality.


FC 4800-EVO is a medium-sized multi-bar LED grow light, mounted with 1680Pcs Samsung LM301H EVO chips on 6 light bars. Its uniform photon distribution allows plants to achieve optimal PPFD for growth throughout the effective coverage area, ideal for single layer or multiple layers of commercial growth in the vegetative stage.
Draw Power 480W Coverage 3'x3'
Light Output PPF 1434umol/S Efficacy 2.85μmol/j
Chips 1296pcs Samsung lm301H EVO Spectrum 650-665nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K
Power Supply Mars Hydro Certification ETL,CE,UKCA,RoHS, DLC,IP65
Size 830*820*93MM 8.8KG
AC VOLTAGE 120v 240v 277v
AC Current 3.995A 2.024A 1.78A
AC Power 481.5W 466.2W 464W
Power Factor 0.9897 0.9588 0.9395

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