1Can you ship to my country?
We now have warehouses in US, UK, AU, EU, CA, RU, JP to support local delivery. For other countries we will ship directly from factory in China. Please contact us for freight and details.
2What is your warranty? What can I do if my fixture has a problem?
We promise 5-year warranty, and repair centers located in the US, UK, AU, EU, and CA. If you have a product issue, contact your sales representative or for support.
3Is it discreet shipping/package?
Yes. It is discreet shipping. All packages without any images, any labels “grow lights”, “grow tents” or brand name mentioned on the packages; and shipped with plastic foam to stick the light and keep it safe.
4Which model should I choose?
It depends on your growing environment and purpose. Indoor and vertical farms are more suitable for FC/FC-E series. The SP series is specially designed for greenhouse. If you need to light the veg period, choose the small wattages. High wattage are more suitable for flowering or full-period growing. Detailed lights plan please contact us.
5How do I clean my Mars Hydro fixtures?
To ensure that the fixtures remains at its best, clean it when your equipment is visibly stained or chemically stained. Before cleaning, cut off the driver or unplug them to prevent electrocution. Please carefully when you handle them, and do not use bare hands. You should use a soft towel or a vacuum cleaner instead of abrasive materials since they can damage the lights. You need a mild detergent like soap, a soft cloth, and water. Gently wipe the fixture’s lens and crannies and nooks and crannies until they are clean. Remember to dry them out before connecting them to electricity.
6Will your lights match the electricity of my facility?
Our fixtures are in line with the local commonly used electricity specifications, if you have special requirements can contact our sales representatives to customize.

Do you still have questions? Please send an inquiry to us.

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