TS Series

High-efficiency and Full Spectrum Light

TS series contains the best full spectrum grow LED lights for indoor plants. It provides enough PAR that is rich in red and blue for activating Photosynthesis from seed to harvest. The patented reflective hood would reduce light scattering and increase the light intensity allowing for good energy efficiency.


TSL2000 is a low-power consumption full spectrum quantum board LED grow light featuring 704 pcs of BridgeLux chips. Its 120° reflector patented design, significantly enhances light utilization efficiency within the cultivation space. The dimming daisy chain enables connectivity of up to 50 lights. The TSL2000 has become a reliable choice for professional growers engaged in large-scale, low-cost grow operations.
Draw Power 300W Coverage 5'x3'
Light Output PPF 741μmol/S Efficacy 2.6μmol/j
Chips 704pcs BridgeLux Spectrum 660-665nm,730-740nm,3000K,5000K
Size 1010*233*51MM, 4.23KG Certification ETL,CE,UKCA,RoHS
AC VOLTAGE 120V 240V 277V
AC Current 2.469A 1.237A 1.102A
AC Power 300.2W 289.1W 288.2W
Power Factor 0.9985 0.973 0.9429
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