VG80 LED Grow Light Bars
Customize How Your Vegetables Grow

The VG80 growing lamp for indoor plants is a rack lighting solution dedicated for nursery or vegetative applications such as cannabis cloning, vegetable propagation, and intercanopy light supplementation.

Designed with a spectrum optimized for more blue light with an appropriate proportion of far red light, with Osram chips and IP65 waterproof rated bars, the VG80 LED grow light bars consistently provide high-quality and veg-oriented light for cannabis clones and leafy greens with mild DLI requirements in high-humidity environments to promote a healthy and rapid vegetative growth.


The VG80 is an LED replacement to T8/T12 fluorescent lights, providing a high-quality nursery and vegetation lighting solution for rack and plant shelf cultivation, promising healthy and fast growth of cannabis clones, seedlings, herbs, and vegetables.
Draw Power
Power Supply
Mars Hydro
AC VOLTAGE 120v 240v 277v
AC Current 0.642A 0.388A 0.352A

Built For Cannabis Cloning And Vegetative Growth

The VG80 seedling grow light bars are designed with enhanced blue and dark red light to perfectly meet the needs for cannabis cloning, seedling and vegetative growth.

Customizable Spectrum For Specific Cultivations

The VG80 seedling grow light bars have customizable wattage and spectrum to provide targeted lighting solutions to meet growers' specific light needs, such as side lighting, inter-canopy supplemental lighting, and bloom enhancement lighting.

Transparent Waterproof Light Bar Cover

The VG LED grow lights for seedling are installed with a special transparent waterproof cover to protect the diode and circuit from moisture, ensuring that it can work properly in high humidity environments without shortening its lifespan.

A T8/T12 Replacement, A Partner For Plant Racks And Stands

The VG80 is an optimal LED alternative for T8/T12 fluorescent grow lights to provide effective, potent and cool light on plant racks, plant shelves, and plant stands.

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