UR45 UV IR LED Grow Light Bars
A Higher Cannabinoid, Terpene, and Flavonoid Profile

Supplementation of UV light and IR light in white full spectrum grow light cultivation or other specific cultivation to induce flowering and sleeping periods, increase leaf areas, improve plant nutritional quality and stimulate biomass production.


UR45 is a supplemental LED grow light designed to induce specific plant growth by adding adequate Ultraviolet or Infrared to the cultivation to provide higher production of Cannabinoids, Terpene, and Flavonoids.
Draw Power
Power Supply
Mars Hydro
AC VOLTAGE 120v 240v 277v
AC Current 0.642A 0.388A 0.352A

UV Grow Light

Use Ultraviolet Light To Maximize Your Yield: Supplemental to grow lights, the UV (365-420nm) on the UR45 supplemental light bars can induce larger leaf areas and promote light interception, thus significantly increasing plant production. Proper UV light for plants can also improve the nutritional quality of plants and stimulate biomass production by stressing them (the UVA band is less damaging to plant cells than the UVB band, while achieving the above effects).

IR Grow Light

Use Infrared To Regulate Plant Growth: The IR (730-745nm) on the UR45 supplemental light bars can work with far-red light to produce a shade-avoidance response in plants, thereby accelerating stem growth. The introduction of appropriate IR can induce plants to enter the flowering stage or to enter the sleeping stage more quickly.

Separate Control Of UV & IR

The UR45 supplemental light bars are equipped with a spectral switch that can be selected to turn ON/OFF UV light or IR light, respectively or simultaneously, for free configuration of the supplemental spectrum. Growers can use it as a UV grow light or an IR grow light according to their needs.

Easy Installation To Grow Lights & Shelves

The UR45 comes with brackets made specifically for Mars Hydro FC and FC-E LED grow lights and hooks for hanging from the top of your set-up, making it easy and simple to use.

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