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Uniform PPFD

Dense Samsung LM301B chip distribution and adjustable Multiple light bars design enable PPFD to achieve uniform distribution within the coverage area, and meet the light needs required by each corner of the plants.

High Efficiency Chips

Equipped with top-quality Samsung LM301B chips with superior high penetration to keep the FC series LED grow lights work efficiently.

Fast Heat Dissipation

Multi-bar design helps to quickly dissipate heat and avoid plant burning caused by excessive temperature, suitable for multi-layer planting racks.

Daisy Chain Dimming Feature

The daisy chain can connect from one main light to thirty lights at the same time, so as to perform series dimming to meet the different growth needs of plants and facilitate unified operation.
FC 8000 Samsung LED grow lights

The body is made of waterproof materials.

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Snapdragon 835

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    6x Zoom

    Sapphire Lenses

    2 LED

    Smart Flash

    2 Laser

    Smart Flash

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